Coaching Convictions

Our coaching convictions can be summed up like this –

  1. Connection with the heart of Jesus is primary  — We grow in intimacy with Jesus and find identity in him as a precursor to any doing or improving.
  2. Defining purpose and calling is foundational — We must develop these and live them out to achieve satisfaction and maximum impact in our personal and professional lives.
  3. We meet clients in their journey, wherever that might be  — We are students of a client’s true need and adaptable in our coaching approach, using our various skills and experience to help them grow.
  4. We provide quality coaching and care with generosity — We are ministers first and foremost, and care primarily about ministry leader health. This commitment to service will impact our business model and it, not finance or profitability, will be our main driver.
  5. Our vibrant life will encourages yours  — We will live out vibrancy and joy in the faith. This way, we can give away what we possess, be “guides” on the faith journey and be purveyors of hope.
  6. The development of vision, rigorous planning and diligence in execution are essential to sustained success  — We will keep leaders accountable in these areas, trusting that commitment to them will be honored by God and reflected in ministry impact.

Commitment to these principles allows us to meet you, the client’s, true needs. We dive into your world and as your trusted friend and advocate, walk with you to sharpen your life and leadership in the areas YOU feel are most important. As we walk together, you will likely experience significant and lasting improvement in these areas –

  • Spiritual Strength
  • Personal Discipline
  • Leadership Skill Advancement
  • Optimal Health
  • Priority Management & Balanced Living