The Core Four

What is the Core Four?

The Core Four © is a sequence of disciplines that drive all of MCI’s coaching and consulting experiences. We believe sustainable progress toward life and leadership excellence can be had with focused and non-deviating commitment in these four areas.

By committing to each Core Four area in sequence, leaders find that they experience the efficiency, balance and productivity that they desire.

The Core Four Components


 Life Plan

Developing a Life Plan allows leaders to experience profitability across all areas of life. An effective Life Plan includes a vision for the key areas of life and clarifies one’s purpose, plans and commitments to those areas. Based on these convictions, leaders drive toward balance and whole-life profitability by taking the necessary steps to achieve their life account visions.


            Vision Plan

Creating a ministry vision allows leaders to clarify, own and communicate a clear plan for their ministry and organization. This process includes assessing current vision, solidifying core values, creating a purpose statement, developing a strategy and model, and unrolling a communication plan.


 Ministry Plan

Once vision is clarified, a ministry plan will outline organizational plans, create actionable steps and mobilize the team to drive the ministry forward. Progress will happen as a leader answers – what will be accomplished, where improvement needs to happen, how to proceed and when the plan will be completed.


   Priority Management

This discipline allows leaders to clarify what is really necessary to achieve their desired personal and professional goals. From time-blocking and calendar management, to making use of life’s margins, priority management allows the leader align his life with his convictions, and experience improved productivity, efficiency and morale.